High Power Alkaline Batteries with Long-Lasting Life


The TESLA SILVER+ series is primarily designed for devices with long-term high consumption of electrical power. This series is characterised by the long-lasting battery life under constant energy load.

High Power

Designed for devices with long-term high energy consumption (e.g. electronic gadgets and toys).

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Ideal choice for handling constant energy load from devices, providing high long-lasting performance.

10-Year Shelf Life

Guaranteed shelf life of up to 10 years under normal storage conditions.

0% Cd & Hg

No Cadmium (Cd) and Mercury (Hg) are used as these heavy metals are hazardous to human health and to the environment.

Power Your Devices

Crafted with premium quality components and utilising advanced technology, TESLA SILVER+ batteries are designed to provide reliable and powerful performance for your power-hungry devices.

With long-lasting power and excellent performance, you can trust the TESLA SILVER+ batteries to keep your devices running strong.

Superior Performance

Variable Thickness Steel Can

Utilising non-uniform thickness technology, the steel can is built with optimal capacity – allowing it to store more active ingredients, boosting the battery power to its maximum potential. 

Pressure Expansion Seal

The pressure expansion seal provides a safety venting mechanism to release any hazardous built-up pressure in the battery to prevent leakages and explosions. 

Patented Nylon Gasket

The patented nylon gasket offers stronger alkali resistance and ageing resistance. Its innovative design ensures excellent leakage proof reliability. 


Available Products

AA / LR6 / 1.5V

4 Pcs / Pack

AAA / LR03 / 1.5V

4 Pcs / Pack

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